Stress management

Understanding the problem

Appropriate degrees of stress can be motivational but the lack of ability to deal with high stress causing factors can result in a feeling of inability to cope at work and/or at home. Hypnosis can provide the confidence to give the control of stressful situations back to the individual. This is far more powerful than anything that can be achieved at the conscious level.

Case history

A man in his forties came to see me and was visibly shaking. He told me that he regularly worked for more than twelve hours a day and was probably doing the work of three people. His boss put more and more work on his desk and gave no encouragement or appreciation of the effort he was making. Low self esteem and lack of assertiveness appeared to be the main problems causing the stress he was experiencing. Suggestions were given to improve his self esteem and confidence. The following week he reported that he had at last begun to say ‘NO’ to his boss. He regained control of his working day and was going home early at least twice a week. He also indicated that his boss had expressed appreciation on at least two occasions during the week.

Techniques use to resolve this condition

Building confidence and self esteem are the key elements to successful outcomes in stress management. Regression and reframing earlier causal situations will be effective in resolving stress related problems.

Outcomes and Benefits of hypnotherapy in this condition

Clients learn that they are able to control their responses to stressful situations.

GP referral

Not required.

Typical duration of therapy

Six sessions are usually required with recording support.