Stop smoking

You can stop smoking

Smoking is a mental and physical addiction. To successfully stop both areas need to be addressed. Hypnosis helps to change both the physical and mental attitudes. Techniques to change the ‘taste’ of a cigarette combined with visualisation achieve dramatic results.

Hypnosis Works and Lasts

Hypnosis is designed to take away the desire to smoke. Instead of feeling that you’re giving up something you enjoy you will feel that you’re getting rid of something that isn’t wanted.

You may have tried patches, substitute products, pills, gum, books, self-help tapes and even going ‘cold turkey’. But you do not succeed in the long run.

Tailor Made

Because your addiction to cigarettes differs from the next person’s, we tailor our hypnotherapy sessions to address your particular issues. You may use smoking as a coping mechanism for stress or you may find it replaces companionship or boredom. Two sessions focusing on your individual situation are usually enough to quit and remain a non-smoker.

Key to Success

You have to want to quit before I can help you. I have developed a highly successful system that can be applied to both heavy and occasional smokers – whether it’s cigarettes, cigars or a pipe. A very large proportion of my clients are successful in the long-term.

My system consists of 2 sessions and the use of a recording

Session One

  • Detailed assessment
  • Practical advice to help over the crucial early days
  • Hypnotherapy tailored to the individual – sessions are made more effective using a headphone system which greatly enhances hypnotic relaxation

Session Two (About 14 days later)

  • Provides additional support and confirms that you have put smoking in the past

You are advised to use my recording in the early days of non-smoking. This reinforces the message that non-smoking is permanent.

Let me help you stop.