Sport performance

Can hypnosis help?

Many people enjoy playing a sport, most of us for fun but others of course play professionally. Hypnosis can make a real difference in giving you the edge. Mental rehearsal, visualisation, improved concentration are all ways used to raise your game.

Case history

A busy executive came to see me about a number of issues. However the priority was to improve his golf swing. He also needed to learn how to relax. Relaxation and emulation of the swing of one of his golfing heroes helped dramatically improve his handicap. Better relaxation experience, not only helped to improve his concentration on the golf course but also helped him be more effective at work. A relatively simple solution gave this client so many benefits.

Techniques used to resolve this condition

Relaxation and confidence building are the cornerstones of this treatment because these techniques result in improved concentration and focus. Visualisation of success and regression to the client’s best ever performance and emulation of a sporting hero all contribute to a successful outcome.

Outcomes and Benefits of hypnotherapy in this condition

Most clients do well and notice improved concentration and focus on their goal.

GP referral

Not required.

Typical duration of therapy

Four sessions with recording support.