Sexual problems

Erectile dysfunction, vaginismus, fear of intimacy, poor self-worth, feelings of inadequacy and rebuilding trust after an affair are some of the issues that can be improved with hypnotherapy

How hypnosis can help

Improve self-confidence
Relieve anxiety and associated physical symptoms
Encourage relaxation
Encourage forgiveness to restart an intimate relationship after an affair
Improve communication
Improve feelings of attractiveness and self-worth

Techniques used

Regression techniques are effective at tackling the root causes of sexual problems, which are normally psychological, rather than physical. Hypnotic relaxation techniques such as deep breathing can be used to reduce anxiety and encourage intimacy. For those with body image issues or low self esteem, building confidence is a necessary part of resolving problems regarding intimacy. When relationships are involved, sessions are conducted for each individual separate from his/her partner.

GP referral

It is important to visit your GP if you are experiencing erectile dysfunction, vaginismus or symptoms of any other physical condition. Once s/he has ruled out any underlying medical cause(s) you can begin hypnotherapy. GPs frequently refer their patients to me.

Typical duration of therapy

Since each patient has specific issues of varying complexity, sessions will be recommended accordingly. Six sessions along with recording support over a six-month period are recommended for complex relationship issues, but problems involving only one person are typically resolved much sooner.