Performance anxiety

This problem can present in several ways to actors and anyone involved in public speaking. Specific issues may include stage fright, memory block, a feeling of failure and a lack of confidence.

Case history

A young actor came to see me who had just had his first major break in a ‘soap’. However rehearsals were not going well as whenever he had a long speech, it had had to be re-shot several times. Everyone was becoming frustrated especially because he was working with some very experienced actors. In the hypnosis session emphasis was put on his obvious talent and ability. To help him build the confidence and help him remember his lines, an emulation technique was used in which he likened himself to one of the great Shakespearean actors of our time. The studio staff found it difficult to believe the change in his ability as most of his speeches subsequently only required one ‘take’.

Techniques used to resolve this condition

Confidence building, imagery, memory enhancement and regression can all be used to help actors and public speakers improve their performance.

Outcomes and Benefits of hypnotherapy in this condition

Improved performance and confidence to progress are the main benefits.

GP referral

Not required.

Typical duration of therapy

Four sessions over a two month period are usually sufficient with recording support.