Needle phobia

A dislike of needles is normal, but needle phobia is a much more extreme response. Like with any other phobia, you are often perfectly aware of the harmlessness of the situation. Something in your unconscious however – usually an unpleasant experience in their childhood – is insisting that there is a reason to be afraid, and this fear is too strong for you to overcome by trying to ‘reason yourself out of it’.

How is hypnotherapy used to treat needle phobia?

Phobias lend themselves perfectly to hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy removes the unconscious message which is telling you to ‘be afraid’, leaving you in complete control of the situation.

Recent studies have shown that hypnotherapy is a safe and effective treatment for phobias, often doing better than conventional treatments.

Techniques used

Short-term relaxation measures, such as hypnosis at the time of injection or blood test, can be used to temporarily overcome this phobia.
To eliminate the phobia and achieve long-lasting results, regression techniques are often used to take the patient back to the first experience of needle anxiety. At this point, the traumatising experience will be assigned ‘ancient history’ status. The patient will be encouraged to confidently believe that any future medical experiences involving needles will be panic free.

Duration of therapy

Only one or two sessions, along with use of the provided recording are necessary to successfully resolve needle phobia. After treatment you will feel free to seek medical attention when necessary.

What do I do now?

Get in touch to discuss your problem and what you would like to achieve through hypnotherapy.