Cockroaches: why are you afraid of the little creatures?

Cockroaches. Even without close up images or the unpleasant odour usually emitted, the mere thought of these nasty brown insects can evoke a cold chill. Apart from the fact that you are over 100x times their size, it will only take a few seconds to step on them or trap them in a glass and toss them out the window. So, despite the fact that cockroaches have little to zero chance of harming humans, why do they elicit such a strong reaction in people?

What is the fear of cockroaches called?

Scientists who study phobias, along with the team at and National Geographic, have called the fear of cockroaches ‘katsaridaphobia’. However, before this term was coined in the 21stcentury, the phobia used to be known as entomophobia – a general fear of insects. Included in the list of symptoms that accompany this fear are chest pains, excessive sweating, heart palpitations, jelly arms and legs, and rapid breathing at the mere mention of the critters.

How do you know if you fear cockroaches?

While some want to be away from the insects because they are disgusted by them, numerous people worldwide have an abnormal fear of cockroaches. Are you aware that these insects are not as threatening as they appear in your mind? Do you feel anxious whenever you are in the same room as one? If so, you are likely among the many who suffer from katsaridaphobia.

What causes the fear?

In a featured clip from National Geographic, it is said that, though cases may differ, the fear of cockroaches is normally brought about by an individual traumatic incident. Especially if, during your childhood days, you have been exposed to cockroaches as a practical joke by a sibling, or have watched an unpleasant movie involving cockroaches, there is a much higher chance that you will develop katsaridaphobia.

Does medication work?

Anti-anxiety medication can be taken to treat the fear of cockroaches. For a period, they can keep you relaxed and allow you to be calm and collected instead of anxiety-stricken whenever the insects are spotted. However, while medication can be helpful, they do not exactly get to the root cause of the problem. Taking medication only provides a temporary relief, and unpleasant side effects such as nausea may be to follow.

How hypnotherapy can help

Because hypnotherapy allows the patient to compartmentalise and manage their thoughts, the treatment can be very effective in treating the irrational fear of cockroaches. In a typical session, you can discover the real reason behind your fear and work slowly to be free of the symptoms. Are you really afraid of the insects or are you just disgusted by them? If you’ve exhibited symptoms of katsaridaphobia in the past, you can get rid of them one by one.

Mind over matter

On the internet, you can easily find many persuasive arguments that suggest the fear of cockroaches is all in your head. As previously mentioned, adult humans who are also terrified by cockroaches are over 100x larger than the creature, so there really is no reason for you to be afraid. Hypnotherapy will help you to correct the irrational cause of the problem, which will automatically correct your behavior and attitude whenever you encounter one of the insects.