Emotional Freedom Technique: the power of tapping

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a form of psychological acupuncture. It works by tapping on the body’s meridians to help release negative emotions in the form of energy blockages, all without the invasive use of needles! The underlying theory is that energy blockages throughout the body’s meridian network are the cause of psychological disharmony, and by clearing the path for your life-energy (also known as “qi” in traditional Chinese medicine) to travel unhindered throughout your body, you will revert back to your default state of psychological well being and emotional freedom. EFT can be used to combat a range of general psychological issues such as low self esteem and depression, but can also be used to tackle more specific issues such as the death of a loved one or substance addiction.

A bit far fetched?

For those of us raised in the western world, the idea that our body has an inner energy field that needs to be free from blockages so that we can function optimally can be tough concept to come to terms with. However, as anyone who meditates regularly will tell you, our inner body is always accessible, it just depends on where we focus our consciousness. By quieting our mind and focusing inwards, we are able to feel our inner body and the life-energy flowing through it. During an acupuncture session, the flow of energy throughout the body is more acutely perceptible than in other circumstances, which gives credence to the efficacy of EFT.

A typical EFT session

To begin, you must tune into a problem that is detrimental to your psychological well being and then define the resultant emotion (such as anger, sadness, irritation, frustration, etc). Next, you must determine where in your body the emotion is manifesting (such as in your chest), and rate the severity on a scale of 1-10. Next, come up with a setup phrase specific to your own words (your choice of words reflects your psychology so it’s important that it is unique). For example, if your problem is a feeling of anger caused by your co-workers making scornful remarks, your setup phrase might be something like “even though my colleagues make me feel angry, I still completely love and accept myself”.

Now, repeat the setup phrase while tapping the soft spot on either hand, just below the little finger. Next, you’ll need a reminder phrase which is a shortened version of your setup phrase, for example: “my colleagues”. You’ll want to recite this reminder phrase as you tap all the other meridian points, as demonstrated in this video. Once the process is complete, rate the severity of the emotion again – you might be pleasantly surprised! Sometimes multiple rounds of tapping are required in order to cause a significant drop in the severity of the emotion.

A holistic approach to healing

EFT does not have to be a standalone treatment, and can be used in conjunction with hypnotherapy (and other treatments) to help combat mental disharmony. While learning EFT with a practitioner is preferable, it’s a skill that you can take away with you and practise in your own time, giving you a quick solution every time you feel those negative emotions recurring. Once you feel proficient, you may also be inclined to apply EFT to other areas of your life – it has even been known to help alleviate the symptoms of physical afflictions such as chronic illnesses! Please get in contact if you’re interested in booking a session to see how EFT can help you live a more enjoyable and harmonious life.