Dental Phobia

If your fear of visiting the dentist is so great you avoid essential dental treatment, you’re not alone. Many people delay dental visits for months and even years because of an irrational fear.

Let’s face it – No one enjoys going to the dentist; but hypnotherapy can make the experience acceptable.

Case History

A lady in her fifties came to see me after avoiding the dentist for ten years. Her teeth were in a bad state and treatment had become essential. The main problem appeared to start when she sat in the chair. By re-framing the chair as her most comfortable armchair at home, she was able to go through with her dental treatment without any apprehension or fear.

How Hypnosis Can Help

  • Relieve anxiety
  • Encourage relaxation
  • Build confidence
  • Feel in control

Techniques Used

Dental phobia can be a result of a ‘bad’ dental experience, an untraceable fear of pain, or overall lack of confidence, to name just a few factors. Accordingly, confidence building, re-framing earlier ‘bad’ experiences and ‘ice bucket’ anaesthesia are all techniques which can be used successfully.

Typical Duration of Therapy

Two sessions along with the support recording are generally sufficient to overcome dental phobia. An additional session just before the dental appointment is especially beneficial.